How to buy a perfect sports bra

How to buy a perfect sports bra-Turbo Athlete

A perfect sports bra is a mandatory fitness wear for every woman who engages in exercises. There is absolutely no shortage of options when it comes to sports bras. A massive variety of options are available in various colors, styles, materials and features when you are looking for a sports bra. Therefore, it can be pretty challenging for you to select the right kind of product out of the rest. Here’s a list of things you should consider when buying a sports bra that perfectly matches your purpose.


  • Find the right size

It is a no-brainer that each bra comes with a different size. However, you should know the perfect fitting size for your chest. Even if the potential sports bra size is different from your regular bra size, you don’t have to worry at all. The key is to find a size that gently compresses your chest than a regular bra. Don’t select a too-small size; a size that is sufficient enough to hold your chest firmly without bouncing should be the choice. Some women choose too-small sizes expecting more compression; such approach can deliver the really uncomfortable experience. Keep this in mind when selecting a sports bra.


  • Compression bra or an encapsulation bra?

These two types of bras come with different characteristics. The purpose of wearing a compression bra is to have the chest hugged to the body. Generally, compression bras are best recommended for women who have smaller cup sizes. On the other hand, encapsulation bras are somewhat similar to conventional type t-shirt bra. Encapsulation bras are the best choice for those who have larger cup sizes.


  • Moisture wicking ability of the material

Moisture wicking refers to the special functionality of a fabric that pulls sweat off and evaporates it to the air. Such functionality lets you stay cool and dry even after sweaty workouts. Most of the fitness apparel (including sports bras) exist in the market come with synthetic materials. These materials are manufactured to wick moisture and keep you cool. In this case, synthetic materials are better than cotton (which simply absorbs and retains sweat).


  • Prefer a bra that has minimal stitches and seams

Conventional bras come with a large number of stitches and seams. When you wear such bra for a longer period, you tend to feel chaffing and irritation. When such stitches and seams are coupled with sweat, things can be exceptionally annoying for you. This is exactly why you should choose a bra that has minimal stitches and seams. Such bras reduce potential friction and make you feel comfortable.


Besides, many women wonder how often they should replace their sports bras. In fact, it depends on how often you use it. The more you use the bra, the quicker it loses its elasticity. When you wash bra for several times, you can experience that it loses its original quality. However, a quality sports bra should last at least six months even if you wear it on regular basis.