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Glide into the best shape of your life with Turbo Athlete™

Flow Friction™ is a performance slide board that combines cardio, resistance training, speed & flexibility, balance, flexibility, and core exercises to tone and sculpt key muscle groups. It's an extreme calorie burner that incorporates high-intensity, low-impact workouts to not only strengthen accessory muscle groups but also build a strong core and healthy posture! 

Simply make Turbo Athlete flow friction ™ flat on any surface and use the included shoe covers to start training. With 100 different variations and exercises, you can take your skills to the next level for any sport!

The Top Layer of the Slide Board is coated with a newly developed dry lubricant formula that completely reduces friction for the ultimate slide. The Bottom Layer of the Slide Board is coated with a durable rubber-based formula to further reduce skidding and shifting. This Slide Board will be stable even on a polished linoleum floor or dance floor.

An integral part of training - used in Olympic training development programs.

Smooth and non-slip Simulate in-game situations with our smooth, glossy board with non-slip bottoms
Portable, compact design
Can be rolled up and stored in the included mesh bag for easy travel and storage.
  • Sport Specific Skating Training: Targets jump, spin, and stroke (crossovers) muscles. Significantly increases inner and outer thigh strength creating enhanced skating speed.
  • Dramatically improves jump landing capability by training the motor sensors for quick response to create adaptable jump landing strategies.
  • Stimulates all muscles at the same time by requiring constant balance adaptability thereby generating overall muscle strength.
  • Cardio Intensive for stamina training
  • The Slide Board Trainer provides a competitively significant advantage in strength, control, balance, edge quality, landing control, cardio capacity, and overall body fitness creating a superior athlete.
  • Your private training skating surface. Practice at home in front of the mirror and recreate your skating elements.
  • Improve Footwork coordination with intricate step sequences.
  • Accelerates your ideomotor response (the link between the brain's image of the technical element and the body's ability to reproduce the element.)
  • Provides training for aerobic conditioning and anaerobic efficiency. The sport of Figure skating is infused with each of these essential components and must be trained in order to achieve success.

Turbo Athlete-Flow Friction™ rolls up easily and can be neatly stored away. It comes with two Lycra shoe covers that can be worn over running shoes.

The board's soft and flexible material makes traveling easy - just roll it up in the carry bag for safe and easy transport. Wherever you want to train, Turbo Athlete-Flow Friction ™ will be with you.

The package contains:

  • A FlowFriction ™ plate
  • 2 x Lycra shoe covers
  • A Carrier bag
  • The length of the flow friction slide board is 1.8m/6 Ft 

Used And Trusted By Hundreds Of Our Customers Along With Several Professional Fighters!

FlowFriction™ has gotten amazing feedback from our customers! Make sure to check out some of the reviews at the bottom of the page.  

Questions & Answers:

Is the end stops adjustable to make the board shorter?
They are not adjustable

Is there a weight limit for this?
There is no weight limit, it sits on the floor

Can this be wall mounted?
After use, please roll it up and put it back on the storage bag. The bag has strings attached so it can easily be stored

Has anyone seen any significant weight loss or toning from using this?
Yes absolutely. Our customers use it for their workout and they told us that this tones their legs a lot. 

Is it bad for the knees?
Actually, you are sliding back and forth laterally, so it's low impact. I would say it's better on one's knees than other exercises that are out there!

What do you use to keep the board clean and maintain slippery properties?
Wipe the board with a clean dry cloth or use a pledge to keep a nice slippery surface.

Exercise Tutorial:


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Netherlands Netherlands

Fun and Functional

Following a fall - ankle injury I was using a similar wobble board at weekly physio. When that finished I decided to purchase my own board to keep up the strength in my ankles. I have used it on and off it is not only great for my ankles but for core strength too. So easy to store then bring out and use whilst watching tv. I recently purchased another for my niece as she is very into fitness. It was an instant success with the whole family who are all quite competitive. It is well made, strong - yet light and tucks away behind the settee or similar. Also very well priced. I will be buying another for a friend's birthday soon.

A Turbo Athlete Customer
United States United States


I bought this product at the start of lockdown along with a pair of roller skates as I love ice skating (I'm not a serious skater only a passionate viewer) and wanted to work on my core skills. When I first got it I struggled to stay on even a few seconds with both feet but with just a few minutes practice a couple of times a week after a week or so I mastered two feet (the closer together you have your feet the trickier it is) and moved on to balancing on one foot. I'm now working on balancing on my tip-toes. It was exactly what I was looking for and I like the fact it's design also means you can practice spins on it. The rinks re-opened last week and I really noticed the improvement in my balance. It's very well made despite not being particularly expensive and hasn't marked my laminate at all. You could use it on carpet providing you don't want to utilise the spin element and just want to practice balance.

United States United States


great work out

United States United States

Very fast delivery of a good product

prompt delivery, good packaging, product as described. very pleased with my purchase, now just to start usuig it. lol

United States United States

Great value

Great value for money! My 12 year old uses it for his goaltender work outs and it is perfect for him. I have used it as well and works fine for me. Able to slide from end to another. Really pleased with the purchase.