Questions & Answers

Is there a warranty for any of the equipment?
Yes, you could contact us via email if there is a product issue.

What are the weight increments? If I bought the 200lb set and took off one band or two, what would the weights be at?

If you reduce one band on each side, the resistance will reduce to 132 lbs(2/3 of 200)

If I purchase the 153lbs, what’s the lowest weight I can set it at so my wife can use it? She is not a heavy lifter at all.
You can reduce it to 50 lbs (1/3 of 150) by removing 2 bands on each side

Don't you lose resistance on your way down? How do you get around slack?

Depends on the number of bands you are using. With one band, yes, but with all 3 you will feel it all the way down.

Is there a way to anchor to a wall hook instead of a door?
Yes, it has carabiners.

Will this bar work with the Bodylastics bands?
Yes, this bar has bodylastics bands.

Could you use one pull-up band and stand on it or Would you need 2 equal sets of bands for squatting with this?
As long as the band has enough stretch to allow you to stand on it and extend all the way out then yes one band will do. You also need to make sure that you have carabiner clips for either end to hold the exercise band.